Monday, July 8, 2013

Garden Update - One month later

I realized its been about a month since I wrote anything about the garden so thought I should...

Everything is growing like crazy and I love it.  Of course that means the weeds are also growing, even more so with being gone several long weekends lately.  Good thing my kiddo helps me weed, especially if I let him try the cultivator :)  His next favorite job is dumping out the bucket of weeds when its full (thankfully he also hauls it to where it should be dumped!).
gardening with children

The first set of snap peas are growing over the fence, with some peas to pick later this week .  The second set is growing great too.  The zucchini is blooming with a few zucchini about 6 inches long already, tomatoes are starting to produce small tomatoes, and the squash and cucumbers are getting ready to bloom.  I picked my first batch of lettuce last week.  The beans are blooming and the sweet corn looks like its doing well (haven't grown sweet corn before so have nothing to compare it to).
garden collage of snap peas, lettuce, tomatoes, and zucchini

Its work, but I'm enjoying our garden on the gravelly road.

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