Monday, November 10, 2014

And then there was snow...

Saturday we spent time outside, cleaning up the yard and getting things ready for winter.  Of course there was a little football, jumping in the leaves again, and even some late pumpkin carving (or attacking a pumpkin with a hammer and chisel just because).  Dad even got the Christmas lights up.

unique way to carve pumpkin

And then there was snow...

Today we've already gotten over 8 inches, plus its very windy.  School was cancelled so we've been enjoying our first snow day.  We've played in the snow, enjoyed hot chocolate, and played plenty of games.  While we were outside, kiddo decided he needed to rescue his pumpkin masterpiece from the snow and bring it to the chickens :)  Of course with all the blowing snow all of our pics have more squint than smile.

enjoying winter fun

I guess we're starting winter early this year on the gravelly road.  Or maybe this will all melt and we'll get to appreciate a few more weeks of fall.

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