Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thankful Thursday (week 2)

Another Thursday and so much to be thankful for.  Here's the highlights of my list for the week:

* A rare lunch date Friday and breakfast date Sunday with my husband - chances to reconnect after many weeks of heavy travel for him.

* The chance to play, be silly, and enjoy the snowy weather during two snow days this week.  Also that my husband was home during the snow storm to join in the fun (and to clear the driveway as that is one of my least favorite tasks).

* Coffee and conversation with with a dear friend after surviving two snow days :)

* Playing games in front of the fireplace

* Packing Operation Christmas Child boxes with our kiddo.  It was really important to him that each box was both  "lots of fun" and "fair".  He liked the idea of trying to pack them as full as possible.

* Declaring our left-over supper as a "restaurant night".  Kiddo took orders for us from the "menu" of left-overs and delivered them to Dad who heated it all up.  There was also place cards for our seats :)  Sometimes its just one silly idea that turns left-over night into a special memory...

So incredibly blessed but also so easy to take it all for granted unless I intentionally pause to thank the One is the source of blessing!

pausing to say thanks

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