Thursday, November 6, 2014

Thankful Thursday (week 1)

Again this year, I'm going to attempt to post each Thursday some of what I'm giving thanks for that week.  It helps me to stay accountable to slow down, to remember how blessed we are, and to give God the credit for all He is doing in my life on a day to day basis.

Like last year we've started up our Thanksgiving Paper Chain.  Its a nice way to keep us at the dinner table a few extra minutes together and talk about our day.  Our son is pretty excited to write his, generally more than one a day :)

So here we go...

* For the opportunity to be on the local MOPS leadership team.  The ladies in this group have blessed me more than they can know.  Such wonderful fellowship while we plan ways to bless the moms in our group.

* For the new small group ministry at our church.  I was able to be on the launch team so its been so great to see it in action.

* For deepening friendships here.  Coffee dates, suppers, small groups and even quick conversations at after school pick up.

* To see our son doing so well in kindergarten.  He enjoys  it, has fun with new friends, and is learning so much.

* Enjoying our new fireplace in the evening.

* Apples.  We are nearly through the boxes of apples we have.  Lots of work but such delicious results.

Are you doing something to slow down and count your blessings this month?  Does your family have any special Thanksgiving traditions?

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