Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Books While We Wait - February 2014 edition

As you know, we are buying a new children's book each month while we wait. Since the original post has gotten rather long to keep reposting, I'm trying something different.  I will still update the original list and have added a link near the header, but each month I will only post about the new book.  If you want to see the entire list, please feel free to click on the link and review the other ones :)

Let Me Hold You Longer by Karen Kingsbury

This book is one someone recommended on our Facebook page.  This touching and sweet book with wonderful illustrations is a great reminder to moms of how fast our kiddos grow up and to treasure each "last" just like we treasure the firsts.  It also does a great job letting kids know how much they are loved and why we want to hold them longer :)  My son loved looking at the pictures and spotting how the boy (and his dog) grew up together.

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