Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Quick Valentines

This year I decided to combine our Valentine's cards to family with the thank yous from kiddo's birthday (since we were behind on getting thank yous sent).  It meant we had a lot more cards to make than usual...

preschool made valentines

We ended up making two types of cards over the course of a week that were both simple and quick.

making cards from kids art projects
The quickest were ones involved using an existing project from preschool.  He'd come home with four or five spin art coffee filters painted mostly with blue and yellow paint (they used a salad spinner).  We kept his favorite one and then cut hearts out of the rest. He glued the hearts to construction paper cards.  Simple and cute.

easy preschooler valentines
Another day I'd found a sheet of pink and purple heart stickers to use on cards.  Since he had no interest in using hearts of those particular colors and the stickers peeled off paper without ripping, we decided to use them to trace hearts.  He even used the outsides of the sticker sheets to as template for tracing.  He also seemed to really enjoy making these and had great fun making cards for specific friends who came to his birthday party.  My favorites ones were the cards he made using his friends' favorite colors and included a fun drawing for them inside :)

Do you make valentines or thank you cards with your kids?  It certainly was fun for us at our house on the gravelly road.

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