Friday, February 7, 2014

Five Minute Friday: Write

I'm participating in Five Minute Fridays again this week hosted by Lisa-Jo Baker, encouraging bloggers to write on a prompt unedited for five minutes.  Come join us!  This weeks prompt is Write


Sometimes I just need to write.  My head if full, with thoughts crashing around like a jar full of marbles.  Writing allows me to sort through it all, maybe not make sense of it all, but usually calm the crazy and find some peace.

For years and years, when my heart is full or heavy, I've written my prayers in journals, sifting through my fears and joys, making sense of the day.  Some of those pages of prayer in high school were written in colored pens in crazy shapes and others full of teenage fears and worries.

That writing in journals continues.  Some pages of the journal are filled with lists of praise, recognizing the many blessings that fill my days.  Other pages are collections of favorite verses and bits of encouragement from sermons or readings.  The pages that are the most powerful remain the ones when I pour out my heart to the Father in prayers and letters, often late at night when sleep eludes me.  He so often meets me in the writing, filling me with Peace the only He can give.

Of course I write here too.  My place to share about our Life on the Gravelly Road.  Writing our journey, joys and memories of this adventure we are on.  And sometimes when I'm brave, I share some of those late night, heart on paper writings here too.


Five Minute Friday


  1. Visiting from 5MF. I can relate to that "head full of words" feeling. I can also remember all those colored pens and crazy shapes from way back when. :)

  2. I used to journal in junior high and high school as well. When I can read the words (my handwriting was as bad then as it is now) I find myself both embarrassed and amazed by some of the things I prayed for and even more amazed by some of the answers. I too, regularly feel like I have a head full of marbles (I love the metaphor) and I'm desperate for a place to spill and sort them until things start to feel more even. Thanks for reminding me that I'm not alone.


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