Saturday, February 1, 2014

Still here...

I have a number of posts in draft mode and several nearly finished, but the last week I've been fighting some technical issues tied to how I normally edit and post photos.  I'm hoping to have it resolved soon or find a less cumbersome workaround than the alternative I've used for the last handful of posts.

Of course I could just post without pictures but that's not nearly as fun, especially since the post I'm looking forward to finishing is about my son's birthday party, which wouldn't be the same without pics!

So as we enter a new month with hopefully some warmer winter weather (I'm frankly tired of all the dangerous below zero temps) and a few less school cancellations, there may be a number of fun posts coming... or maybe just very wordy posts that require a bit of imagination :)

Thanks for continuing to visit Life on the Gravelly Road!

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