Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Love of Books (part two)

Last week I posted about encouraging my son's love of books (a link to the previous post).

More important than a love of reading though, I want to encourage him to love The Book -- God's Word.  We often read Bible stories together -- his current favorite is Daniel in the Lion's Den.   I'm still looking for a good children's Bible, as right now he just has a board book version and then several books with collections of Bible stories.  I've been looking at the "Jesus Storybook Bible" as I've heard good things about it.  I haven't purchased it yet though as our local Christian bookstore didn't have it in stock last time I was there, and I'd like to read some of it before buying. 

The "collection" books we have that we both love are Read-Aloud Bible Stories by Ella K. Lindvall -- the illustrations are amazing and the text is perfect for being read aloud (as is the intent). They also have a "what did you learn" section after each story.   We only have the first two volumes but I'm hoping to continue to add to the collection.

I'm continuing to work at being consistent at reading my own Bible in the morning.  My favorite mornings are when my son gets up just as I've finishing my Bible study, crawls into my lap, asks me to read, and we read God's Word together.  Sometimes its a story he already knows about like Moses, David and Goliath, or something from Psalms or the gospels. We've also started keeping his current children's Bible in the kitchen, easily accessible for an after meal story (or sometimes I read it while he finishes eating as he takes much longer than I do).

Another fun resource I found is the ABC Printable Scripture Cards at  I've created our set (printed, lamenated, binder clip and even ribbon) before Christmas and added it to my son's stocking.  While working on this post, I realized I haven't gotten them out in a while.  Off to search for them...

How do you help incorporate God's Word into your children's lives?   Do you have a favorite children's Bible? 

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