Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Oh those chipmunks...

We were looking out the window last night, wondering what the dog was chasing (and barking at). 

Son: "Mom, I think its a chipmunk.  I like chipmunks.  But one day I met chipmunks name Nae, Pop and Nommy and they ate my shirt all gone.  And then I put a new shirt on and they ate that one.  And another one too.  They really wanted me to wear no shirt.  So then I went to the store and got a jail and trapped them so they stopped eating my shirt."

Me:  "Where do you go to find a chipmunk jail?"

Son:  "Nae, Pop and Nommy showed me where.  They were nice chipmunks until they were mean and ate my shirt.  Look they are eating my shirt now!"

Me:  "Really?  I don't see them."

Son:  "They like to eat shirts inside.  These chipmunks have sticky feet and stick to my tummy and eat my shirt inside first.  Then my shirt will be all gone.  They are not new chipmunks.  They are very old.  They were somebody's once and then became mean.  That is why they like to eat shirts."

I really never know what he'll come up with next!

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