Monday, July 2, 2012

Growing Garden Update

With the heat advisory warning issued for today, I was out in the garden before 8am.  While my little boy was having fun playing on his playground in his pajamas, I snapped a few new pics as I figured it was about time for another garden update. 

The snap peas are almost ready for picking, maybe even yet this week.  We have small green tomatoes on three of the six plants (I think two of them are Early Girl plants).  Everything else is growing well.  The replanted beans are flowering so we may have beans yet.

I declared the pumpkin officially lost and planted a few more seeds after my last update.  They came up within a week so not sure what happened to the others.  I know there might not be enough growing season left to get pumpkins but figured I'd try and see.

Our neighbor's garden is amazing.  Even though she planted about the same time, her plants are much larger.  I try not to be green with garden envy.  She's been gardening for a long time plus her plot has been more consistently fertilized through the years.  Thankfully she is quick to share her harvest.  A few weeks ago she had an abundance of radishes and delivered them to our kitchen door (at 7:45am).  When she heard the plight of our beans, she offered us some of hers as she has quite a few rows.

So far the fence seems to be a great investment.  We haven't seen any evidence of animals munching on our plants.  My husband did spot places where an animal tried to dig under the fence but thankfully he had buried several inches of fence which seems to have been effecctive.

My son continues to enjoy coming to help me in the garden and we've had lots of interesting conversations.  We've of course talked about weeds a number of times.  He likes to tell me know how the weeds are "the mean plants 'cause they steal all the water and sun from plants we planted".  He's also been watching the carrot plants closely as he helped plant those seeds.  One day after I'd pointed out the growing peas, he asked "But why are there no carrots growing on their leaves yet?"  Then I tried to explain how the carrots were growing under the ground.  I'm pretty sure he'll have fun helping harvest the carrots when its time.

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