Monday, July 16, 2012

On the trails together...

We spent a wonderful weekend at a cabin with my family.  One afternoon, my husband and I got a chance to ride ATV on trails nearby, just the two of us, while our son spent special time with his grandparents, aunt and uncle. 

Riding ATV is not a past time I would have chosen on my own, but its something my husband loves to do and I enjoy it with him.  This was my view most of the day:
(my husband is in orange in front of me)

Some may not like following all day but I've learned its the best place for me to be when we are on the trails.  My husband has a better instinct than I do on how to take on the rocky hills and water hazards (though at water hazards his goal is usually how much can he drive through without getting stuck, where as I try not to get soaked).   Plus he knows the trails much better than I do.  He does a good job keeping track of where we are and how to get back to our vehicle!

For him, one of the benefits of riding with someone who takes her time and drives around water hazards whenever possible, is having someone there to help pull him out.  (Of course he could have gotten out on his own, but not without stepping into the more than knee deep water)

After a full afternoon of riding, mud, and dust, our path back to our vehicle led us through a ditch.  While not my favorite place to ride, I immediately noticed all the wildflowers.  I slowed.  Then I stopped.  As I got out, my husband called back asking if I was ok.  I told him I was fine, just stopping for some flowers.  What does he do?  Give me a hard time?  Nope.  He gets off his ATV calling out "I'll get you a few of the yellow ones from over here!"  Love it!

The day reminded me of so many great blessings in our marriage.  In life my husband is a "jump in with two feet" type of person (or drive in with all four wheels), while I prefer to hang back consider my options.  We've found that we balance each other out well in marriage in this regard.  He encourages me forward when the unknown makes me nervous, and I help him remember to look before jumping/driving in.  Either way, we can count on each other to help when we seem stuck in the mud. 

Spending an afternoon driving trails in the mud together was a favorite memory for him of the weekend.  I can't help but smile when I think of him helping put together our bouquet of wild flowers.  I'm so thankful to have him beside me as we travel life's trails (and trials) and the afternoon on the trails was certainly a great way to be reminded of it.

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