Monday, July 9, 2012

A Love of Books (part one)

It makes me smile that my three year old loves books.  Its a passion I want to share with him so we read lots and lots.  Some days we will sit on the couch late morning or early afternoon reading together for over 30 min (a long time for an active three year old).  I treasure the memories of reading together, snuggled on the couch or sitting on his bed before nap or bedtime.

We visit the library about once a week.  He LOVES picking out new books.  We are working on correctly using the word "borrow" though.  He usually tells me "Mom, we need to buy this one too!".  It is not unusual for him to have a stack of 15+ books he wants to bring home that I help him reduce down to 6 or 7 (so I can keep track of them).  We usually read 2 or 3 that aren't coming home with us before we leave.  Every once in a while there is a book we don't bring home that he talks about all week and then I spend the next library visit trying to find it back :)   In June, I signed him up for Summer Reading at the library and he is amazed that they give him prizes for reading books!

Something he really enjoyed in his Early Childhood class last spring was being able to "play" with a story -- a craft related to a story, the felt story board, or playing with toys that allowed for acting out the story.  I'm hoping to try something along these lines at home a few times yet this summer (oh summer you are slipping through my fingers).  I'll try to post about it when we do.

What do you do in your family to encourage a love of reading?  I'm always love hearing new ideas!

Watch for part two sometime next week (I hope).


  1. Your comment about the craft relating to books (which is very fun to do!) reminded me of the times we've tried to make dinner (or snack) relating to a book too! Cloudy with a chance of meatballs was a fun one (potato clouds, meatballs falling and broccoli and carrots for trees and roads). We've done some Dr. Seuss snack time ones with cereal, marshmallows, fruit and other brightly colored things. So much fun!

  2. Korene - Food related to books sounds like great fun. Growing up we did lots of themed meals and unique snacks. I'll have to try that too.


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