Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Busy Bag Activity: Pipe Cleaner

I've seen quite a few pins on Pinterest of toddler/preschooler activities using pipe cleaners and a strainer.  We put together a variation today as a busy bag activity for the plane ride for our upcoming vacation.  We used a small can-sized strainer that doesn't get much use in the kitchen.  Then I decided to cut the pipe cleaners in half to fit it all into a smaller bag. 

My little boy was pretty excited to test this new activity.  It was a hit!  He was pretty sad when I told him he couldn't play with it again until the plane ride...

Updated After Vacation --
I was honestly surprised how long play time with the pipe cleaners on the airplane lasted -- at least an hour on each plane ride!  The best part was when he started adding other toys to the pipe cleaners.  What seemed to work best was to start with just the pipe cleaners and then gradually getting out more toys to add to the fun :)
Dinosaurs lined up and ready to fly --
A long ladder/chain to allow animals to climb from his lap to his tray :)

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