Thursday, October 11, 2012

All His

I find myself thinking more and more about our future child as we get further into the wait.  Then all sorts of fears and 'what ifs' start creeping in.  Often times the conversation in my head goes something like:  What if I don't 'fall in love' right away when the baby is placed in my arms?  Will it be harder without the 9 months of kicks, hiccups, and ultrasounds that create an idea of the personality of a baby?  Will my heart be able to handle it -- loving a little baby with the knowledge that finalization is months away and the baby may not be ours to keep?

And then I stop myself.  No child that is raised in our home is "ours".  All children are blessings from God, on loan to us to love, raise, teach, and nurture. 

I pray I have the strength from above to love any baby God places in our family with abandon, even if their time with our family is short.  May their life be blessed by the love our family gives them.   May our family be strengthened on this journey, as each step impacts our story.

a gathering of those we love
hand chosen from above."

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