Monday, October 22, 2012

Pausing in the Quiet

My house is quiet today.  Very quiet. 

sleeping in the morning sunshine
So I'm pausing in the morning quiet to write.

Friday night my little boy started his long weekend at Grandpa and Grandma's.  A full weekend was planned -- a fall festival, the zoo, and lots of fun.

My husband and I enjoyed a weekend just the two of us, a staycation.  We ignored household chores.  We read, leisurely shopped, watched favorite tv shows and a movie, went out to eat with friends, and enjoyed a wine tasting at a local winery.  Wonderful time together.  Time to talk about more than day to day things.  Time to reconnect.

I'm coming off such a refreshing weekend.  And yet I still have this amazing chance to enjoy a day alone (husband at work, little boy still at Grandma's).  Do I tackle projects?  Curl up in with a good book?  Go grocery shopping (is it silly that going to the grocery store alone sounds luxurious)?  Something else?

I don't know.  Today is a new day.  A day wide open.  A gift from God.  Is the gift any more special than any other new day?  No, just different, unique.  An opportunity I don't want to let slip by.  And yet every new day is unique.  This feeling of a day full of promise is something I want to hold onto for the days that follow.

And then I look forward to a big hug and kiss from my special little boy.

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