Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fun with the Letter A

I know most people talk about apples for the letter A, but part of last week and part of this week we did A is for airplanes.  We picked it mostly because we took an airplane for vacation :)

Books we read:

1) We revisited the fun activities we did with the Berenstain Bears book Fly-It! Up, Up, and Away, creating airplanes powered by balloons.

2) Airplane puzzles at the Library (we love the puzzles there!)

3) A is for Airplane Color Sheet
He enjoyed working on the airplane color sheet (I added the "A a  -- airplane").  Not sure why it required sunglasses, but hey it works!

4) We practiced writing the letter "A" on the whiteboard, in the sand at the beach and with play-doh.

5) There is also a cute A is for Airplane online puzzle we did a few times.

6) Of course, he also enjoyed seeing the airplanes at the airport:
Now that we've practiced the letter "a" his name is slowly becoming more recognizable, especially since he has two a's in his name. Next on our list is the letter C, I'm thinking cookies!

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  1. Oh, such fun activities!! Thank you so much for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!


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