Friday, October 5, 2012

Just for Fun: Looking Back to Last Fall

Here's pics from fall last year and this week -- same tree, same rock, same boy -- but not the same.  Yes the angle isn't quite the same but you can tell how much he's grown! 

(I wish he didn't have so much shadow in this years pic and was hoping to take another.... but we had so much windy weather this week the tree is bare.)
This time last year his dresser was full of 2T pants and 3T shirts.  Now he's wearing 4T pants and 4T/5T shirts!  Of course he's still wearing his fireman mudboots from last Halloween -- good thing I bought them big because they are his favorite.  We watched some video clips from last year this time and I was amazed how much his speech has changed, the way he plays has changed, and the way he tells stories.  He's growing so fast, right before our eyes.  What an amazing blessing to watch how God is growing him into the boy He's planned.

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