Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fun with the Letter "C"

We has so much fun talking about "C is for Cookie" this week!

Cookie related books we read:
Since most of theses books are in our home library and we know the stories well, I'd sometimes stop and we'd see how many letter C's we could find on a page :)

1)  We watched the Sesame Street "C is for Cookie" Cookie Monster video several times and listened to the song almost daily :)

2)  We made sugar cookies in the shape of the letter C
They tasted very yummy, though some of them did not look much like a letter C after they cooked :)

3)  Worked on a "C is for Cookie" color sheet. (found with lots of other cookie monster coloring pages here)

4)  A Counting Cookies Game

I  made printouts of a cookie jar and cookies.  We worked together to cut out the cookies (great cutting practice).  Then I laminated the cookie jar.  Some rounds I wrote a number on the cookie jar and he counted out the right number of cookies to put in the jar.  Other times he filled up the jar and we counted them together.

5)  And of course, plenty of practice writing the letter C on the whiteboard and on paper.  Most of the time now his letter C's are facing the correct direction :)


  1. What fun lessons!! Of course I am a bit biased since C Is For Cookie was my favorite childhood song (though I changed it to C is for Carrie). Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!! Sorry I'm visiting/commenting so late!

  2. So nice to meet you and your blog! Thanks for linking up to "31 Days of ABCs!" Love all your C ideas. :)


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