Monday, October 15, 2012

The Sunset of the Garden Season

We've had consistent frosty mornings here, marking the end our garden.  I was hoping to get one more batch of zucchini (I did cover some plants for the first few frosts), but otherwise happy to call it done :) 

We ended up with one small pumpkin and one squash that I have sitting inside with our fall decorations.  Our neighbor though has more squash than she knows what to do with, so she's given us a bunch.  More than plenty to freeze.  We have been so blessed by her garden this year.  Wow.

Here's some notes to myself for next year:
* We need to plant more snap peas (which means starting a little earlier).  We ate them as fast as they grew, a second row would have been nice.
* Onions were a flop.  Not sure if they didn't get enough water or something else. 
* I planted too much cilantro and it was ready long before my tomatoes and peppers making my garden fresh salsa plans a bit challenging.  I think I'd like to try basil and a smaller amount of cilantro next year.
* Not sure if I'll try beans again next year, especially since our neighbor shared so many.
* I think at the beginning, I was not watering enough.  It was such a dry year and even through I was watering every other day, it wasn't long enough to make a difference.

Overall, I enjoyed our garden this year. The best part was sharing the garden with my son. He was so proud of his carrot patch and so excited to watch everything grow.  I'm so thankful for the blessing of fresh veggies this summer.

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